It’s All About “Add-Ons”

Axel had gone around and around with his wife, Arielle, about stickin’ within the budget of their home renovation project. But he couldn’t seem to make his point with her. Finally out of desperation, Axel decided to get creative and try a new approach when for the 14th time Ariel wanted to completely change the design of the fireplace, again.

“Why, Axel,” Ariel said after listening to his song, “Don’t you see? I am just trying to live up to my name.”

Axel ran off in a huff, he couldn’t take any more confrontation. Later he looked inside a book called The Name Game wondering what’s in a name?   Arielle – “alter hearth.”

A smile rose on Axel’s face. He hated to say no to his wife, so he called up the name of the company who had been

building trust with it’s clients for generations. Batton Builders, Inc. 

Now, there’s a good name! Axel thought.

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