Batton Builders, Inc. has been a contractor in the State of Maryland for more than thirty-five years, building trust with quality work. At the helm of the wheelhouse is Scott Batton who comes from a long history of ancestors who made their living in the building industry.

New home construction is more than just erecting a structure. It’s putting quality into every aspect of a residence where the family who occupies it builds lasting memories together. Batton Builders, Inc. also does historical restorations, additions and repairs putting new life into old structures.

Their construction experience is not limited to residential. They’ve worked on historical church restoration projects, commercial and industrial jobs such as gyms, clean rooms, industrial paint rooms and manufacturing facilities. Batton Builders, Inc.’s project management skills are what gets the job done for clients who have a diverse range of needs and specifications.

Why wouldn’t you choose a company who has been building trust with their clients for decades?

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