• Building Up or Building Out

    There’s been a lot of chatter going on through social media during the pandemic about people’s concern that the extra food they are consuming is adding up and their base level girth is increasing. But not every one is concerned about adding up or spreading out in that context. Some people are wondering about additions on houses and whether it is wiser to go up with another story or go out on ground level.

    Today we are sharing an article with you in hope it will help with decision-making and get the best value for your money when putting on an addition.

    “Not adding value is like taking it away.” ~ Seth Godin


  • She Shed Upticks


    So, now the family has shared close quarters 24/7 for several months. Mom has been asked by the kids eighty jillion times daily, ” Mom, when is dinner?” How many mothers that you know have put building a she shed at the top of their “Most Wanted List?”

    We are here for the rescue. Trust us -any kind of she shed we can do!



  • The Ultimate Homebuilder

    This being Mother’s Day weekend, we at Batton Builders would like to pay tribute to the ultimate homebuilders – moms everywhere.

    Because men and women are tooled differently instinctually, it’s often the women that do things like keep family holiday traditions going, make the home nest comfy, cozy and all the rest of the ways a woman’s nurturing touch is noticed!

    Our mom, Helen, without a doubt, was a strong matriarch! After all, she gave birth to twin daughters and these two fellas.

    She saw to it all four towed the line. And she had strong business skills which contributed greatly to the family business which is now five generations deep. And she will be forever missed.

    Happy Mothers Day! Be grateful for your Mom no matter where she is – on earth or in heaven. After all, she is your mother and without her you would not exist.

  • Advocating for You

    Today I am thinking optimistically by supposing our economy gets back on it’s feet quickly. Two possible scenerios could happen in the home building industry after this period of stay-at-home order. Our future clients may come to us saying –

    1. “Build as big of a house as you can possibly manage given my budget. I want to be able to escape to the far side of the house. As far as I can from my family.”


    2. They may say, “You know, I kinda liked the benefits of being around my family. We’ve grown closer. I think we will downsize this time around.”

    We at Batton Builders are not taking sides! Each family needs to decide which camp they want to be in. But, we will advocate for you and build you just what you want – big or small or something in between.

  • A Day of Remembrance

    Today’s blog is written in remembrance of the 3rd generation of Batton builders. It’s been said behind every good man is a good woman. This certainly was the case for Fred Batton. His sidekick, Helen, had been with him from the time she was 12 and he 15. Their childhood friendship which meant many hours together tromping  the woods and fishing turned into deep love. Today is their 73rd wedding anniversary. They are celebrating it in heaven and the fact that they are together makes their family happy.

    Helen was the bookkeeper for the ancestral family business and they were a good pair even when they didn’t see eye to eye.

    Before they built their first house they practically lived on their first boat, an iconic Chesapeake skipjack.

    Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We are holding down the fort and are so proud of the legacy you left behind.

  • Promise Kept


    Some months ago a blog post about homes of the 1970s appeared on this site.

    We made a promise we’d dig through our family history pictures and post photos of the 1970s contemporary home our father Fred Batton built. He was third generation Batton Builder.

    Well, it’s been on the “honey do list,” and with the stay-at-home order from the President and other government officials more time has been spent at home and the box of family photos has been pulled out.

    Our family home had all the bells and whistles which were “hip” at the time. It was a big departure from the colonial style homes our Dad was accustomed to building.

    Anyone have any photos of a 1970s contemporary home built by F.C.Batton & Sons you’d like to share with us? If so send us a digital photo or post it on your Facebook page but mention the builder so we see it, please!! My Dad was so busy building he never took time to photograph many of his custom built houses. Or perhaps there’s old canisters of film sitting around in the family archives waiting to be developed!

  • Home Libraries & Honey Do

    Back in November, not too many months ago, one of our blog posts was about home libraries and how fewer families put them at the top of their lists of desires anymore.

    Oh, how things may have changed. With the stay-at-home orders issued by Governors and other federal officials, there maybe quite a few people who are wishing right about now they had a big, big family library to while-away some hours browsing the book shelves rather than attacking the long “honey do list” that had been put on the back burner for when there was more free time!!! Just saying….

    How about you? How are you doing with staying occupied in place?

  • Making a List

    We are betting you, like many others, have not spent this much time within the walls of your home in a stones age. You’re probably building a new relationship with your abode and the people inside it.

    Mandatory stay-at- home rules will cause people to notice things they hadn’t before. The walls in the kitchen need refreshing, the carpet has gotten dingy or the bath needs reworking for more efficiency in space.

    Perhaps you’ve found spending more time at home with the family has had its rewards and you want to get back to that. But now that the children are getting bigger a family room would help you all enjoy more time together.

    Now’s the time to make a punch list of home improvement projects. Before the quarantine is lifted it’s a great time to call on the experts and explore your options. There may be lots of people looking for side jobs.




  • Home Activity

    Hard to know what to say in a time like this. But one thing common to all of us is we are relegated to spend more time at home. Perhaps that is not a bad thing.

    Enjoy the blooms of spring in this down time with your family and your four-legged creatures.



  • Meeting Deadlines

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the world always went according to schedule? Then there would be no need for imposed deadlines on anything. One of the challenges of a builder is keeping on deadline. Unfortunately things do crop up – product delivery delays, non-cooperative weather and other unexpected hitches that throw off the game plan. Plain and simple, sometimes, deadlines set are not realistic, so discussing whether a construction project finish date is within reason can avoid anyone being disappointed. In other words, leave some lee-way for the unexpected.

    The only way you will find a construction project without any hitches is through this video. But as you and I know building a home in nine minutes isn’t realistic!

    Walt Disney had it right when he said, “I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.”


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