• Baltimore County Properties

    As a company whose roots go back five generations, we at Batton Builders, Inc. are interested in projects involving historic properties. Over the years we have worked with clients to keep their property restorations historically accurate.

    There is an abundance of resources at the Historic Society of Baltimore County.  Unfortunately they are not readily available during this unique time in history when a pandemic is determining how we go about business and our lives.

    There is a wonderful blog on Willow Grove Farm in the Cromwell Valley which is part of the Willow Grove Nature Center. Check out the post written by Ann Royston Blouse, out as well as all the other blogs on the HSOBC website. It’s interesting reading and interesting to learn more about the history our surroundings!

  • Hidden Rooms

    “The only true vision comes from….the inmost recesses of the human mind.” ~ Orson Scott Card

    If you joined us last time, our blog post included mention of Ida Brown, a pioneering woman architect licensed in Maryland who admittedly didn’t see much sense in building traditional rooms if they weren’t going to get used.

    Would she have endorsed the idea of highly used hidden rooms? If you are a baby boomer you probably remember how some houses back in the 1950’s had hidden bomb shelters. Well, hidden rooms have gotten a whole lot more interesting since then. Check out this article about 35 Curious Homes with Secret Rooms Inside.

    Don’t want to build a whole secret room, you say. Bogus bookcases, hush-hush cupboards and secret seats are ideas for custom home designs too. There may be something in it for you! Consider your needs when having your home designed.

    We at Batton Builders, Inc like putting our thinking caps on! Seems like something “fishy” is going on in this basement. What do you think they are building?

  • Honoring Early Pioneers in Construction

    “If people would plan their homes according to their actual needs and tastes, the face of America wouldn’t need lifting so often.” ~Ida Brown, AIA   1899 – 1983

    There is a educational exhibit at Liriodendron Mansion in Bel Air, Maryland about The Early Women of Architecture in Maryland. Liriodendron is the home of one of four founding fathers of Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Howard A. Kelly.

    To put this exhibit into perspective for you, Catholic University in Washington DC did not begin their architectural degree program until 1945 and many of the architects featured in this exhibit were born in the last two decades of 1800.

    Ida Brown, AIA was a forward thinking woman whose thoughts came nearly a century before today’s men and woman who advocate for simple living! Ms. Brown, it seems from this quote was all about the wise use of space and designing for purposeful living. It seems she didn’t see any sense in rooms no one went into and actively used. Such are the thoughts of advocates for simple living today. And by all means include spaces which suit ones own tastes – if you are an artist, for instance, accommodate for that in building an appropriate artist studio. If you are a car enthusiast who loves tinkering with autos, build the best garage geared toward functionality which will hold all the automotive gadgets and vehicles.

    As a five generation custom home building company, we at Batton Builders, Inc. share the reason we have enjoyed what we do so much! It’s challenging, interesting and we’ve echoed many times over the same sentiments as architect Rose Greely, FASIA, who is also featured in the exhibit at Liriodendron Mansion.

    The story behind the building of Liriodendron Mansion is very interesting. Check it out on their website. Guess who it’s been said designed the home? Dr. Kelly’s wife! She was not a licensed architect but she knew what she wanted – a home like those in her European homeland which would house her husband and nine children beautifully!

    We at Batton Builders, Inc. hope you enjoyed this glimpse into some of the early architects here in Maryland and a home of historical importance! Go check it out if you have never seen it before it is a beautiful landmark in Bel Air, Maryland, the “Heart of Harford County.”


  • Maintaining History

    As a man whose ancestors go back five generations in the construction industry, Scott Batton has much respect for history. In this time of “realignment,” the value of holding on to history is never more important in Scott’s eyes. Such is the reason Scott enjoys his role as President of the Historical Society of Baltimore County.

    Batton Builders, Inc. is on the Preservelist of contractors in Maryland who do historical preservation projects. Currently the company is doing a historic barn restoration.

    We are proud of the heritage of our country, our company and the trust we earn from our clients.

    P.S. If you see Scott Batton out and about today, wish the ole fella a Happy Birthday!! He’s learning to share his birthday with his nephew. Two year old Avery Batton.

  • 4 Value Added Options: Poolhouses

    “You are only one swim away from a good mood.” ~ Unknown


    Summer is definitely the high season! If you’ve decided you can’t go another year without a pool house here are some options that will make the addition of a pool house even better.

    • Storage for your outdoor furniture and swim gear
    • An outdoor shower
    • Efficiency kitchen or grilling station
    • Enclosed bathroom or changing area

    Providing convenience and keeping wet bathers from tromping through a house are the top reasons for having a pool house. Depending on how extensively you want to outfit your outdoors living space, the above four options are at the top of a lot of lists. Looking for other ideas? Check out this article.

    Happy 4th of July, Everyone! 

  • Permit Us

    One very important item our potential clients forget about when planning budgetary costs and deadlines for project completion is the permitting process. There are regulatory licensing and permits that must be applied for in many stages of building. The costs can vary greatly depending upon where the home you are building will be located as well as the length of the process.

    Sometimes homeowners try to economize by applying for the permits themselves but, time and time again this proves to be frustration for the uninitiated right from the get-go. Most builders and/or architects can reduce your stress by handling the permit and licensing for you. After all, isn’t that why you hired a professional?

    Permit Us, if you will, to let us help you.

    “Trust is built with consistency.”Lincoln Chafee

  • To: Fathers Who Are in Heaven

    Sunday is a tribute to Fathers everywhere but particularly to the guys who were at the helm of the Batton construction company before the fourth generation took command. Our great grandfather, grandfather and father all anchored the company and built a firm foundation.

    The way we do business, the tools we use and the types of projects have changed over the decades but what has continued is an interest in doing all we can to make our clients dreams come true. Whether it’s in the form of a new home, an addition of existing building, a commercial project or a place of worship, we Battons are builders at heart!

    Did you know back in the 1960’s our father built us kids a houseboat? It’s where many memories were made of our travels up and down the Chesapeake! Nearly every weekend for many years we four kids fished, swam off the deck, crabbed and played until our hearts were content in the water.  Here is a photo of Battoney’s Barge! What exciting times we had during some of the worse storms. Often times we had to find anchorage on islands on the Bay and hunker down inside until the storm passed.

    We are missing our Father and Grandfather and their stories about the man at the head of the family in the first generation of the Batton Building business. Much of the work he did was on a church in Washington, DC. We wished we had been paying closer attention to family stories so we could remember more of the details.

    On this Father’s Day we’d like to remind everyone to “Cherish and listen to your Father!”


  • Walk-In Pantries

    There’s been little choice lately for going out to dinner. In fact, more people are cooking at home rather than eating out due to the pandemic. The trend may continue since people are getting used to spending more time at home. That means your kitchen cupboards are probably more stocked up then ever.

    There is a solution to that can often be accommodated with a small redesign in kitchen space. It’s called a walk in pantry. Always wanted one, you say? Well – go for it – have a contractor take a look.

    If you do it now,  you will be ready for the end of summer when the canning season kicks in. You’ll have plenty of space to set in provisions and accommodate for lots of Ball jars filled with stuff from the victory garden you made this year. Here’s a link to a Beginners Guide to Canning Produce from

    P.S. Don’t forget to kiss the cook!!!

  • Wants…Needs

    A couple of more weeks it will officially be summer! You know what that means. Vacation time! Although this year things may be different. There may be less people taking to the road. Have you ever noticed no matter how badly you want to get away it’s always good to get home?

    One of the really fun things about being custom builders is talking with our clients and helping them incorporate their hopes and dreams into their residence because everyone’s ideas are something different.  This summer we are working on a job in Baltimore City, near art museums and all kinds of other cultural attractions. Another job is in rural northern Baltimore County and it’s a historic barn restoration project which will become a home to some folks.

    Country, city or something right in the middle of the suburbs -there are no rights or wrongs it’s all a matter of personal preference. Whatever matches your comfort level in wants and needs.

    “A home is a kingdom of its own in the midst of the world, a stronghold amid life’s storms and stresses, a refuge, even a sanctuary.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffe

  • Relevent Industry Information

    Community building is a good thing if the intent is to construct a healthier society.

    Today’s blog is all about sharing information about anti-microbial building products. We are not defending or refuting the information in this article. We are simply serving as a conduit of passing timely and relevant information along. It’s an interesting read.

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