• Managing the Project

    Batton Builders, Inc.

    At Batton Builders, Inc we are grateful for the generation of men who came before us. We do all we can to preserve history because our ancestors have left us a long, proud legacy to preserve in the building business.

    Once the use of subcontractors became common practice, logistical management became ever more important. The order in which things are done needs to be efficient with cost savings in mind along with heating and electrical systems installed in historical properties. Digitally operating HVAC systems are often by necessity because older parts are not available or too costly to maintain.

    There is no need for you to feel left standing in the dark once your historical home or commercial property becomes owner occupied. Many property owners are not well versed in today’s electrical or HVAC systems. It’s not their forte. Long after a project is complete we at Batton Builders, Inc. are frequently asked to stick around. Retaining a property services company is a wise investment once the building restoration is complete.

    We are a property services company on the Preserve List!

  • Bring Home the Bacon

    Does your family like bacon? Ours does.

    For those of you who are building this spring or considering kitchen renovations, including an upgraded stove, something to consider is how frequently you grill and use a griddle. For those who like an alternative to outdoor grilling in the winter or on rainy days, a built in griddle on your stove may be just what you are looking for.

    Here is an article about stoves with built-in griddles which may be helpful with your decision-making. What it often boils down to is whether you will be using a built in griddle enough to sacrifice the real estate space for pots and pans on the stove top. And while you are at it, make sure you have a hood over your stove with a good ventilation system. May as well tend to that too, if you are redoing your kitchen.

    Another alternative is building an outdoor/ undercover BBQ building. Happy Cooking! GRILLING SEASON IS HERE!

  • Historical Context

    Bare Hills Schoolhouse, Baltimore, MD

    Over the years, we’ve spoken with individuals who are considering buying and moving historical homes. It is sometimes done, but the reasons for doing so must be carefully considered. To true historical preservationists, keeping the integrity of the entire property is of utmost importance.

    We have been watching decisions concerning the fate of the Scott House. It was facing a potential move, but in the end the Baltimore County Historic Landmarks Commission voted to leave it just where it is in the Bare Hills Historic District.

    Why? “Not only would a move take the Scott House out of its historic context, and highly visible and prominent location on Falls Road, it could potentially also cause irreparable damage to the structure,” said the commission. That’s reason enough. But, if you want to read more about this project and where this property of historic value is located, check out this latest article, published on January 29, 2021.

    If you are considering purchasing an historic property and considering moving it, there are resources to help you with wise decision-making. The Historic Society of Baltimore County is a great place to start. They can steer you to the right organizations, contractors and construction companies who are knowledgeable about preservation, and restoration matters.

    The guy at the wheelhouse of Batton Builders, Inc. says “He loves history and the preservation of it!”

  • At Ground Level

    “There is no timber that has not strong roots among the clay and worms.” ~ John Millington Synge

    To sons and daughters of home builders, spring is synonymous with several scents and sites – piles of dirt, and piles of lumber. Each have very unique odors. The season after a long winter means site excavation for new home starts.

    To the Batton Family, spring always means mud-caked shoes and boots sitting outside the door. You’ll know exactly what we’ve been doing – mucking about in a freshly dug foundation or planting a garden. We are rooted in both. 

    The newest generation of Batton children have already found a healthy supply of worms to play with this spring even though it still just a little bit early to haul out the rototiller. Oh joy!

    How about you? Do you like digging in the dirt? Try it! It’s surprisingly good for the soul. There has been a real uptick of interest in home gardening as a road to wellness. Check out this article.



  • Carrying on Tradition

    The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. work is the key to success, and hard work can help you accomplish anything. ~Vince Lombardi

    Photo: F.C.Batton, Jr. In the Army in Colorado.

    Scott and his brother, Rick and their two sisters, Jan and Sue, have often talked about their memories of their grandfather F.C. Batton, Sr. getting dressed to go to work. You would never have known he was in the housebuilding business from his apparel. Every morning before he set off to work he brushed his topcoat and fedora top hat and shined his shoes. In his home in Hamilton in Baltimore, Maryland he had a shoe shine station down in his basement. All his leather lace-up shoes were neatly organized on racks along with his galoshes for wet or mud conditions. On the back of the basement door was a hat holder, where all his fedoras hung. Some were felt and others straw. What he picked to wear depended on the season.

    Today, men in the construction business dress vastly less formally in very rugged Carhartt or Kuhl pants and quilted work vests for cold weather and steel toed work boots In winter on cold days on the job F.C. Batton, Sr. often protect his chest with sheets of newspaper underneath his woolen sweater and topcoat.

    During the decades he was at the helm of what is now a 5 generation business, popular choices of homes F.C. Batton, Sr. built were described as American four squares and bungalows. Custom touches sometimes were added. Not only have home designs changed but workwear has also.

    What has not changed through the decades is the Batton work ethic. The men in the business will bend over backwards as much as they possibly can to please the customer, just as the generations have before them.


  • Spring Refreshments

    For many people this winter may have seemed never ending or perhaps the darkest season in history. But things are getting brighter! More people are getting vaccinated and the days are getting longer! The light is not disappearing at 4:30 or 5pm. Hurray!

    We have an inkling there may be more people looking to refresh their homes this spring! So, today we share this article with you! It may spark the creative side  and get you thinking about what you wish to do with your home this spring to rejuvenate the interior spaces where you’ve spent a lot of time since the temperatures began to drop! Brighten up your home and refresh your nest!

  • Spring Home Maintenance

    “To Do List: Whatever it takes!”

    Hopefully a warming trend will continue, and the last piles of snow will soon be leaving us. You know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to think about your spring home maintenance list whether you do it yourself or have someone help you.

    Today, we’d like to share this link to help you think about different maintenance aspects of your home. 

    We’ve said it once, we will say it again ~Hang in there, spring is just around the corner!




  • Preserve List

    So, you finally made your purchase of an historical property but there’s some work to be done. Preserving the integrity of an historical home or building is important to history buffs. It takes special skills. materials and knowledge to restore and preserve the value of an old building.

    Preservation Maryland is an organization designed to help others with their historical project. Their resources include PreserveList. Contractors who are knowledgeable and have experience with historical properties and preserving a building’s period authenticity are registered with Preservation Maryland.  Here is a link to PreserveList.

    We at Batton Builders, Inc are proud to be on this list along with other fine contractors, in many different trades, who are able to obtain just the right materials and resources to help you add value to your treasured antique building or home.

    Our company was proud to be involved with a recent historical preservation project at

    Lovely Lane United Methodist Church in Baltimore, Maryland


  • Change of Housing Preferences

    This blog will be short and sweet for the purpose of sharing information.


    There may be only a slim window of time when historic properties are available which allowing a margin for being a good investment. 


  • Into the History Vault


    Some people have fireproof vaults installed in their homes to keep the family heirlooms and valuables. Its easier to install a vault or safe when building a home rather than cutting out a space in the wall later. Consider it when planning your home or addition. The upside is you can access it 24/7 rather than wait for a bank to open a safe deposit box.

    Every so often someone in the family goes though the five generation business archives. Unfortunately we have more keepsakes from the later generations than the earlier, thanks to the development of photography and digital recordkeeping.

    Today being Friday, we thought we’d have a little fun by sharing a few pictures of the 3nd and 4rd generation Batton builders.

    The pictured house was the second of three family homes F.C.Batton Jr. (3nd generation) custom home builder constructed for his family.

    The lower photo is F.C.Batton Jr. (Fred). And F.C.Batton III (Rick) and Scott, both of whom are 4th generation Batton builders. 

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