A Day of Remembrance

Today’s blog is written in remembrance of the 3rd generation of Batton builders. It’s been said behind every good man is a good woman. This certainly was the case for Fred Batton. His sidekick, Helen, had been with him from the time she was 12 and he 15. Their childhood friendship which meant many hours together tromping  the woods and fishing turned into deep love. Today is their 73rd wedding anniversary. They are celebrating it in heaven and the fact that they are together makes their family happy.

Helen was the bookkeeper for the ancestral family business and they were a good pair even when they didn’t see eye to eye.

Before they built their first house they practically lived on their first boat, an iconic Chesapeake skipjack.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We are holding down the fort and are so proud of the legacy you left behind.

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