Walk-In Pantries

There’s been little choice lately for going out to dinner. In fact, more people are cooking at home rather than eating out due to the pandemic. The trend may continue since people are getting used to spending more time at home. That means your kitchen cupboards are probably more stocked up then ever.

There is a solution to that can often be accommodated with a small redesign in kitchen space. It’s called a walk in pantry. Always wanted one, you say? Well – go for it – have a contractor take a look.

If you do it now,  you will be ready for the end of summer when the canning season kicks in. You’ll have plenty of space to set in provisions and accommodate for lots of Ball jars filled with stuff from the victory garden you made this year. Here’s a link to a Beginners Guide to Canning Produce from LivelyTable.com.

P.S. Don’t forget to kiss the cook!!!

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