Into the History Vault


Some people have fireproof vaults installed in their homes to keep the family heirlooms and valuables. Its easier to install a vault or safe when building a home rather than cutting out a space in the wall later. Consider it when planning your home or addition. The upside is you can access it 24/7 rather than wait for a bank to open a safe deposit box.

Every so often someone in the family goes though the five generation business archives. Unfortunately we have more keepsakes from the later generations than the earlier, thanks to the development of photography and digital recordkeeping.

Today being Friday, we thought we’d have a little fun by sharing a few pictures of the 3nd and 4rd generation Batton builders.

The pictured house was the second of three family homes F.C.Batton Jr. (3nd generation) custom home builder constructed for his family.

The lower photo is F.C.Batton Jr. (Fred). And F.C.Batton III (Rick) and Scott, both of whom are 4th generation Batton builders. 

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